AlgoEdge Placement Program

6 Month Full Stack Developer Program to help you get an awesome job.

  • Learn Data Structure Algorithm & Get Expertise in Python, Django Development
  • Placement Roadmap & Team to help you get a matching coding profile job.
  • Selection through interview process. Only pre-final and final year students are eligible

Pay only when you get a job of more than 5 LPA

Batch Starts from 15th August 2021

AlgoEdge Placement Program Roadmap

Stage 1
  2 Months | Data Structures & Algorithms

Data Structures & Algorithms Journey

1) Learn basics of programming, time complexity, OOPS,classes, inheritance, basic theory.

2) Understand Data Structures thoroghly starting from Array, Linked List to Binary Tree, BST and Graph.

3) Delve deep into Algorithms - Searching , Sorting, Greedy Approach, Dynamic Programming, Divide & Conquer, Backtracking.

Stage 2
  2 Months | Full Stack Development with Python & Django

Python + Django + HTML + CSS + JS

1) Learn Backend Development with Python & Django.

2) Create Frontend with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

3) You will create 3 Projects and deploy them on Cloud.

Stage 3
  2 Months | Machine Learning

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

1) Become proficient in Machine Learning Algorithms & Data Science.

2) Delve Deep into Supervised & Unsupervised Algorithms.

3) Real Hands on Project using Tensorflow & Keras.

Stage 4
  After 6 Months | Placements Begins

Placement & Interview Roadmap

1) Complete Support for Placement to help you get a matching coding job.

2) Interview Tips & Tricks to get you ready for your dream.

3) Placement Guidance & Roadmap to help you succeed.

Our Mentors Are From Top


Dr. Sanjay Chatterji

Professor at IIIT- Kalyani

Dr. Himani Bansal

Professor at JIIT

Ashish Bhawnani

Algo Developer at Future First

Akash Rana

Developer at Octro

Arjit Khurkhuriya

SDE at Amazon

Dr. Rahul Kala

Professor at IIIT Allahbad