5 Machine Learning Project Ideas for Beginners

Machine Learning is a popular topic these days. Many emerging startups and companies are utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve some of the most complex real world problems like self driving cars, natural language processing etc. This emergence of machine learning has prompted newbie coders and programmers to enter the field of machine learning. 

To help programmers, we have made a list of 5 machine learning project ideas for beginners below:


  • Customer Churn Prediction – Customer Churn is a famous machine learning project in which the task is to predict the probability of a customer to leave an organization and choose services of another organization. Example-a customer may switch from a telecom operator to its competitors, so machine learning can help predict the probability of each and every customer to churn, so the company can focus on customers who are most likely to leave. This makes it a real life problem which can be solved with Machine Learning. You can take datasets from Kaggle etc. and apply a machine learning algorithm to get the results.


  • Stock Price Prediction – Predicting stock price is a popular real life machine learning problem in which the task is to predict stock price. Stock price prediction involves using multiple features to develop a model upon which can be used to do prediction on unseen data. Including right features will help in correct stock price prediction. Features that can be used to predict stock price is last price, volume etc. You can use a dataset from Kaggle or public exchange information.


  • House Price Prediction – Predicting house prices is a very basic project used by multiple people to start learning the concepts of ML. House price prediction can be easily done with Regression and a very informative guide/tutorial is available on Kaggle on how to use machine learning to predict prices of House. Features that can be used are floor size, number of rooms , location etc.


  • Social Media Sentiment Analysis – It is a medium level difficulty machine learning project but it is a very famous project possessing the ability to solve real world problems.  Data is everywhere and data is power, so ability to analyze large chunks of data from social media can impact multiple fields. You can fetch tweets from Twitter, perform sentiment analysis over a topic and show output as positive, negative or neutral sentiment.


  • Document Information Retriever – It is the most interesting project out of all the projects mentioned in this article. This project uses Natural Language Processing to retrieve information from handwritten large documents like legal documents so users can get relevant information quickly.


Machine Learning is impacting multiple industries. It is a skill which is highly in demand and learning/ practicing it can enhance your career path. But before proceeding , it is suggested to have a good grasp on basic concepts like Data Structures & Algorithms and Development.