Course Description

Speed Up with DS Algo is quick short course to learn core concepts of Data Structures & Algorithms.

Course Features

  • Live One to One Mentoship & Classes with top mentors every Saturday and Sunday during entire duration of course.
  • Each student will be allotted a personal mentor to guide in programming journey.
  • Mentors of this course are top programmers who got placed in top companies in India.
  • You will get complete structured content to delve deep into Data Structures & Algorithms.
  • You will be fully prepared for competitive programming after completion of course.
  • Course completion certificate will be provided after completion of course.
  • Doubt Solving and Regular Mentor Connect over Telegram, Slack and Whatsapp.
  • Weekly Coding Practice Assignments and Guidance for becoming a top notch programmer.

Course Outline

Data Structures Algorithms
Array Searching
Linked List Sorting
Stack Mathematical Logics
Queue Greedy Approach
Binary Tree Dynamic Programming
Binary Search Tree Divide & Conquer
Strings BackTracking
Graph Graph Algorithms
Hash Table Pattern Matching
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Frequently Asked Questions

One to One Classes & Mentorship means each student who enrols gets a personal mentor allotted to student. The classes take place via video call in which only the student learns directly from the mentor. It’s an individual classes not group classes so you will never hesitate to discuss or ask any doubt.

The classes and mentorship session are conducted every Saturday and Sunday during the entire duration of the course. Also the mentor follows up the progress of student daily over the text.

This course provides One-to-One Classes directly from top mentors. Each student has his own learning pace and keeping this in mind, the pace of the course is kept according to the student. That’s why One to One classes are best.

The duration of the course is two months.

Yes, Mentors are top programmers themselves who have achieved a lot themselves. They will guide you and teach you one to one during the whole duration of course.

In this course, you will learn Data Structures & Algorithms. You can see whole course outline here

Yes, you will get a customized learning dashboard when you login and enrol. You will get all of the learning material and topic by topic Data Structures and Algorithms Study Material. Also mentor will allot you questions and exercises for practice each week which you can see in your customized learning dashboard.

Give us a call on 9311403334 and we will arrange a discussion with mentor for you