Cognizant PAT Intern and Full Time Interview Experience - 1

Company Name: Cognizant

Package: 4 LPA

Position : PAT

Type: Intern and Full Time

Number of Rounds: 3


Round 1: Online Test

The platform of the test was AMCAT, one of the platform that many companies uses for their recruitment process. Lucky for me as I was completely aware of the pattern that AMCAT follows. Its an adaptive test which means your current question decides your upcoming question. Either the level decreases if current question is answered incorrectly or the level get increased is answered correctly.

These were the following sections asked in the Paper

Quantitative – 14 Ques – 16 mins.
Verbal – 25 Ques – 22 mins.
Logical – 16 Ques – 14 mins.
AutoFix – 7 Ques – 20 mins.
Many of you might be thinking of what is AutoFix. AMCAT mainly uses Automata but there is AutoFix too. The question in AutoFix consist of logical and syntactical errors present within the given code. Its like the executable code is given with error present witthin it. You just have to figure out the error and boom its working fine. The question in the section are quite and easy and requires basic knowledge of programming and logic building.

The entire online test was of intermediate difficulty, if you are good at quantitative problems just the verbal section of the test needs a bit of attention especially the synonyms and antonyms. There are about 5-6 of these question.



Round 2: Technical Interview

The following day all the students those were shortlisted for the technical interview were excepted to submit their resumes to the officials as they were called in batches of around 30 students. It took quite long for my turn to time, the process started around 9 in the morning and I got my call for the interview around 5 in evening so you can imagine the amount of tiredness and frustration that I had gone through it was mighty 8 hours wait…But that is the time that one needs to utilize effectively. I studied for those 8 hours like those were my last on the planet gained every knowledge that I could regarding your projects even the basics of it.

These were the question those were asked from me:

Introduce yourself.
Name and explain any new technology that you had studied recently. (In my case block-chain explanation)
Differentiate between traditional and newer storage technique.
Real world example of all the OOPS concept.
Difference between array and linked list.
Cross questioning on the technology that I had answered earlier.
Explain the concepts of deep learning.
Explain the key concepts of Hadoop(Big Data Storage).
In which programming language are you comfortable.
Asked 2-3 basic question of C++.
Asked me to write a code to check a number is prime or not with least complexity.
Asked me to write a code for the given star pattern.
Then he got into my projects and questioned me regarding them and around 8-10 question my projects and told me to explain the one that I had upon recently. I had around 5 project (2 were in java, 1 in python, 1 in C++ and last one was game development using augmented reality).


Introduce yourself.
Why cognizant.
Asked about my hometown.
Tell me something about your campus life.
Tell me something about your Hostel life.
Any problem from reallocation.
It was quick round and took hardly 5-10 minutes to complete. The interviewer was just their to check the confidence level and verbal communication level.