Cohesity Site Reliability Engineer Full Time Interview Experience - 1

Company Name: Cohesity

Package: 24 LPA

Position : Site Reliability Engineer

Type: Full Time

Number of Rounds: More Than 3


First Round was introduction. Was asked to write whatever I knew about the company in a sheet of paper.

Second round was a technical round that lasted around an hour was asked about everything in my resume with special focus on my college projects and my approach to them. This was the most intense round with continuous questions one after other.

Third round was another technical round with the manager here we discussed my final year project at length. This round lasted for around 30 mins.

Fourth round was HR and technical here I was told more about the company and the role that they were hiring for. Questions were mostly like how much do I know about their current tech stack, what are my hobbies and normal hr questions.