Kuliza Software Developmer Intern Interview Experience - 1

Company Name: Kuliza Technologies

Package: 25,000 per month

Position : Software Developmer Intern

Type: Intern

Number of Rounds: 3

First round was the online test in which out of 600+ candidates 25 were selected for 2nd round. The questions were a mix of cs fundamentals/DBMS/aptitude/oops and 3 coding problems.

The second round was more of a hr round in which general questions were asked like what language do u prefer, etc. Then there were 2 coding problems whose sample code was asked to write. The first one was to find the min and second min among an array of positive and negative number and the second question was to find the max product of 2 integer in a array of positive and negative integer. In this round 19 were selected.

In third round I was asked questions from the resume about the skills I had written down there. Then there was a question on running medium in a stream of integer. And then I was asked to explain min heap along with pseudo code for each.