NCR Software Engineer Full Time Interview Experience - 1

Company Name: NCR

Package: 7 LPA

Position : Software Engineer

Type: Full Time

Number of Rounds: More Than 3

Round 1 : Online Coding Round on Hackerearth
Then there was resume shortlisting and shortlisted candidates were called for interview at their Gurugram office.

Round 2 : Technical round mainly focusing on OOPS.

Round 3 : They asked me to write codes to explain functionality of OOPS , asked about my projects , few questions on DBMS queries , and 2 coding question in which one was based on priority queue so he asked me to write heap sort using STL and explaining time and space complexity.

Round 4 : Managerial + HR round. They asked me general HR questions and at the end gave me 10 secs to prepare and then speak continuously about me for more than 1 minutes that was not present in my resume and must not be technical.